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Saved from death by armed robbers bullets
On March 28 2008, i was in my shop at MM.way Benin Ciy. when two boys entered who pretended to be customers, but they were armed robbers. they took my phone and money at gun point, and shot me at a close range. i told the one who pulled the trigger that i shall not die because io serve a living God. Everyone ran away as they saw blood gushing out of my stomach.
But God sent a boy with a bike who took me to the first hospital at M.M. way where i was rejected, He took me to the second hospital at sapele road, but no docter was on ground. messaged got to my papa and renewals, prayers where released to heaven for me. God bless Dr P. omu who rushed down and took me to UBTh where i was operated on, 13 pellets where brought out of my system. The doctor said one of the pellet was very close to my liver, but the lord said, pellet there is a boundary.
I thank God i am a Renewal, I thank God also for the covenant life, I shall not be butchered. I am grateful to God i am still alive.
Healed from 10 years illness
For 10 years i couldn't not sleep at night. This made me to visit so many churches for prayers, because of this sickness of not being able to sleep. i couldn't go about my business anymore.
When i came to upper sopkonba to stay with my daughter for a while, one day she asked if i will follow her to bible study, i said no but i later had a rethink and i came out of the house and started asking people around if they knew my daughters church,so i was directed to the church. Life renewal ministries inc. this was how i meet with Gods servant Apt Godwin ojuh (JP), who counseled my , preached the word of God to me and prayed for me.
From the day he prayed for me 2013 till date, i have been sleeping like a baby at night. in addition to this healing and deliverance, God gave me a house. My building site was abandoned for many years because of the sickness, As on as i became well, God brought someone to help build it and gave me the keys.